Summertime with a lot of events

After that I received my diploma for finishing the grammar school, the focus is now 100% on JWOC. Or almost 100%. Then as I am moving to Tampere (FIN) in the end of July, there are still many preparations to do for this event. 

However, I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to participate in a JWOC in my homeland Switzerland. As I have done many trainingcamps in the eastern part of Switzerland (where the JWOC is going to be), I feel ready for that upcoming week with a lot of competitions. 

Having done JWOC, it will go on with the Swiss O Week, which is also taking place in Engadin. After that week, I will have one week to pack my things and on the 29th of July I am flying to Helsinki for the trainingcamp with the national junior team, which will be first four days in Tampere and then three days in Turku. While the rest of the team is either spending holidays somewhere in Scandinavia or flying home to Zurich (the minority ;)), Valérie and I are traveling back to Tampere to our new home near Kauppi.

For all those reasons, I am really looking forward to this year's summer...