Searching for Spring...

Four weeks later, four weeks smarter. Or whatever ;) The winter training has gone very well so far. All the exams at university are done, and the next term can start. During my holidays, I've got the chance to train together with the Swiss Team in Ticino (with mostly very nice weather) in order to gain some experience in those steep slopes… In addition, I took up strength training in Bern which should give my legs some extra power. At least, I'd got some sore muscles after the first two times.

The first short trainingcamp of 2018 in Ticino in the end of January was waiting with sunshine, 9 orienteering trainings, 1 strength training and a lot of fun! I could benefit from every single training and was more and more feeling home in those steep slopes. It was so much fun to run up and down and all the terrains were very beautiful. Also the sprint trainings were demanding and you had to check the map very carefully to avoid missing an alley or a side road. Even tough the speed wasn't very high, it was very exhausting. The last day with 4 times 3km (Uelis 3k-day) was definitely the highlight of the week. It means that we did 4 times 3km of orienteering in different terrains. The first one was a warm up sprint in Rivera with two very nice loops in little villages. From there we went directly to Taverne to run the JWOC middle distance of 2005. After lunch at 11 we drove to Isone to run in very beautiful and partly open forest (more than 3k because we couldn't drive up due to ice and snow on the road). The last one then was another steep but very beautiful forest near Bellinzona. But I was definitely too tired to run and walked the bigger part of the course… Regeneration was waiting for me.

Only one week later I went again southwards to Ticino to spend another five days in a Swiss Team trainingcamp. Even the sun didn’t leave us in the lurch and the weekend was very sunny after 3 cloudy days!!



Relay training in Monte Ceneri, Photos: Simone Niggli


View from the accomodation in Ticino

One long skiing day in sunny Goms just after the trainingcamp and the second trainingweekend with the junior national team in Bern, to enjoy the last days of my holidays before university in Bern starts again today. The weekend consisted of four sprints, two of them with high speed. It was a good feeling to run some sprints again and train different concepts. The sprint relay on Sunday on a brand-new map was a perfect way to end the holidays!



Perfect XC-Skiing conditions in Goms :)


Swiss O Juniors Weekend: Sprint in Bern Brünnen

But luckily, I'm already off to Spain again after the first week to get hopefully some warm weather and sun in the Swiss Team trainingcamp!