on the way back!

It’s been a pretty hard time since I last wrote some words here. From top shape at WOC, it went totally down to not being in shape at all. But that’s how we do it, isn’t it? Timing the best shape to the most important competitions and then give also the last bit of energy for the competitions there. So, I guess it’s not a bad sign or something abnormal to lose the speed afterwards. Anyway, I had my problems with it and wasn’t motivated anymore to train because it felt so bad. After two weeks struggling with that, where I didn’t really have a big choice what to do because of a threadmill test and the Swiss Sprint Champs , I decided to change something and put the fun at first place for the next week. Long rides through the beautiful Jura-hills next to my home and a very beautiful but quite hard long run in the mountains brought my motivation back, but also sore muscles from downhill running. Meanwhile I also started strength training in Bern again which gave me even some more sore muscles for the selection races and Long Distance Swiss Champs. But it was totally worth it, because after that, the shape slowly came back and I can say, that yesterday running finally felt like flying again. Strange, because I just increased the training hours last Friday… But as already sometimes before, the shape strangely always comes back when I decide to train more. So, I guess next time I just train more to get the shape back, right? Maybe I should also mention that University started again last Monday and I am very happy to have something which gives me some structure in the daily rhythm again! Thanks to University of Bern, I can study quite flexible, in order to be able to concentrate on orienteering, which I am very thankful for (I’m gonna be stuck there forever, but it’s fun anyways ;)).20190903_140108jpg20190903_140346jpg

And the timing for the speed to come back was perfect, because I am now sitting on the train to Zurich Airport where I’m going to take the flight to Helsinki. Over the weekend I’m going to compete in SM Viesti (Finnish Champs in Relay) and SM Sprintti (Finnish Champs in Sprint), which I am really looking forward to. I can’t wait to see all the people of my club again and to run through beautiful Scandinavian terrain! I’m hoping to take some positive energy home from there!

And after the days up there, it’s already time to be ready for World Cup Round 3 in Switzerland! I’m expecting a great atmosphere as well as well organized competitions. The competitions by the way are going to be broadcasted live on Swiss and Finnish TV, so don’t miss it (or come to Laufen to cheer and watch live) ;)