Going for 2020!

It’s 8 weeks since season 2019 is over and it’s happened a lot. One week after the return from China, the Swiss Orienteering Grand Slam Final was the last competition of this season and also one of the last times running for a while, what I didn’t know back then. After some days, where I wasn’t training at all, I had no patience for training break anymore. This leaded to a training load my body wasn’t used to anymore after the short break. Therefore, a very beautiful 3 hours long run to the near Chasseral ended in a quite painful experience. The recovery for the inflammation in my hip flexor tendon then, took longer than I thought. But after 6 weeks, I’m finally back in almost normal training again and I’m enjoying it more than ever! And luckily the inflammation didn’t mean to take a break from training, so I watched quite a lot of movies while training on the crosstrainer.

2019 is coming to an end and I can look back at an amazing first season as a senior. Turning back time one year, I hadn’t thought of such a successful year for sure! But here is 2019 in a nutshell:


·       1 week xc-skiing in Pontresina with University, where I could improve my technique

·       5 orienteering days in Ticino with the national team


·       10 days orienteering in warm and sunny Portugal with the national team


·       First ever misspunch at the Swiss Night Champs

·       Danish Spring with some nice competitions


·       From Danish Spring I went directly to Norway, where 14 orienteering trainings were added to my experience of WOC-terrain

·       Swiss Champion on Middle Distance and 21st birthday at the same time

·       5 days in Slovenia with Easter4 and some nice trainings

·       10mila victory with Tampereen PyrintöWhatsApp Image 2019-04-27 at 210317jpeg


·       Selection Races for World Cup Finland in really nice terrain in France (and also some snow…)

·       New 5000m personal best

·       13 more orienteering trainings added to the Norway list – 1 week trainingcamp in Sarpsborg with the national team


·       4 days running, road biking, relaxing and eating in Black Forest (GER) with my family

·       World Cup Finland with satisfying performances, a bad cold (even though it was about 30 degrees…) and the second place in Sprint Relay

·       Some days and one exam from university at Haanpääs mökki (and of course some orienteering in Ponsa!)

·       3rd place in Venla Relay with Tampereen Pyrintö

·       1 week at university with rowing, bike orienteering, climbing, hiking, inline skating and biking

·       Victory for the White Tigers at 5er-Staffel, the biggest relay in Switzerland


·       WOC Selection Races in Sarpsborg with some nasty upset stomach

·       JWOC in Denmark as a spectator and rerunning the courses

·       One week girls-holidays and running in Malmö with Mirj

·       O-ringen in Norrköping with friends and some nice training competitions on the way to WOC (and my first ever indoor orienteering competition)

·       1 week WOC training camp in Sarpsborg with 11 orienteering trainings more added to my experience


·       Some trainings at Swiss O Week in the Bernese mountains

·       WOC in Norway with a lot of surprises and 3 medals which outclassed all my expectations

·       After-WOC-depression68626497_2903768876319147_858288092426010624_ojpg


·       3rd place at Swiss Sprint Champs

·       Worst 5000m race ever

·       SM-weekend in Finland with two victories (Relay and Sprint)

·       World Cup Switzerland with my first k.o.-Sprint, a 2nd place in Middle and 3rd in Sprint, which brought me up to 2nd place in World Cup overall standing


·       My first sprint camp with 12 sprint trainings in southern France with the national team, where I could improve my sprint skills

·       World Cup Final China which caused some thoughts about our sport, but had also it’s qualities and the 2nd place in Overall World Cup 2019


·       3rd at Swiss Champs in Team orienteering with the White Tigers

·       Grand Slam 2019 victory

·       Trying to do a season off and failing à inflammation of my hip flexor tendon and no running for the next weeks needed some patience and mental strength

·       But lead to testing the cross trainer for the first time, which I can really recommend now!


·       Promi-Staffel at Steinhölzlilauf was a great experience!

·       2020 kick-off with the national team in Magglingen and a lot of sitting and listening

·       Starting running again finally and running at Silvesterlauf

·       Sports Awards in Zurich as a great end of sports year 2019, I felt very honored to be there

·       Christmas with my family

And since two days I'm in Goms, where I’m spending most of the time on my cross-country skis! And after that, it’s time for the first trainingcamp of 2020, a running camp in Madeira, where I hope my hip flexor will cooperate!

At this point, I would like to thank everyone, who made 2019 so special and even possible. A big thanks to my sponsors and supporters, to coaches, my family and friends, to my clubs and everyone else! THANK YOU, KIITOS, TAKK, MERCI, DANKE, GRAZIE MILLE!!!20191229_170756jpg