From South to North

Wueeehhh, the selection races for JWOC 2017 in Tampere are done and the preparations have already started! I am more than happy with my performance in all 4 races (Sprint, Middle, Long and Gempen Mountain Running). Especially my time (36:09min) in the Mountain Running competition surprised me, as I was about one minute faster than last year (37:06). 

Sprint Selectionrace in Horgen, Photo: Christian Aebersold

Gempenberglauf, Photo:

Directly after the Sprint Competition I travelled to southern Switzerland for a trainingcamp with the national team. It was the big trainingcamp organized by Swiss Olympic for plenty of sports (there was football, ski jumping, cycling and so on). So we had the possibility to also try other sports like roller hockey or tennis. A nice trainingcamp in a nice terrain in Ticino with a looooot of sun :)

Trainingcamp Ticino 

Another great event, even if it was just for fun, was the relay pentecost, where we had two junior teams of our club. I ran the second (a night leg) and the 7th leg and especially the 7th was a really nice experience as I have never run such a long competition with so much climb before (about 14km and 500m climb). With 1h35min it was a really tough competition after running in the night. It is also traditional to spend the night in your tent, just next to the finish area. And due to the rain it was quite a big challenge to keep your things dry ;)
Just after that event, I once again took the plane to Finland, where I now will spend the next two weeks. First a trainingcamp at home in Tampere with some friends of the national team, then Jukola (Venla) in Joensuu and after that back again to Tampere where I will spend the last days before I am travelling back to Switzerland.

Great view over Helsinki on the way to Finland

And a very nice welcome to Helsinki at almost midnight

This weekend we will take part in Grano Games in Tampere and surroundings. The first competition will be a Sprint in Järvensivu (east Tampere) which can be followed on the internet (GPS and livestream via Youtube), tomorrow will be Longdistance in Terälahti and in the same place a Middledistance on Sunday. Those competitions are at the same time selectionraces for the Finnish Juniors for JWOC. I'm really looking forward to running in those great terrains!!