About fail longdistance and other orienteering ;)

Unfortunately the two forest selectionraces are already over... After a strange longdistance on Saturday with one control missing, I really enjoyed the beautiful, detailed and difficult terrain on Sunday. It's just that kind of terrain I love the most. Navigating from depression to little hill, rock or similar and reading the contours is just what I always imagine when I think about great orienteering. But let's begin at the beginning because there was also a nice trainingcamp just beforehand.

Trainingcamp in Slovenia and Croatia 14.04.-22.04.2017

For the first 3 days, Divaca (Slovenia) was our home. And after the first trainings, our skills were checked at the secondlast stage of Easter4. This competition was already familiar to me as I had run the whole 4 days last year when I was in Slovenia on holidays with my family. It was a very nice longdistance and I could more or less exactly play out what I had planned before. 


The next day we moved to Croatia and the island Cres where we spent the remaining days training in, again, completely different terrain. Whereas the forests in Slovenia showed many depressions and stonewalls, the terrain in Croatia was more open and there were once again much more stonewalls (as the map below shows). You had to use a different concept for your orienteering but still the compass was very important. The landscape was so beautiful even though the sun was not shining all the time and it was raining the whole rest day, so that we couldn't do our hike to a very beautiful beach. Luckily we could postpone it to another afternoon towards the end of the week. 

Compasstraining in Cres with "some" stonewalls ;)

Some more stonewalls on Island Krk

Also the two sprint trainings were really demanding and fun. For the first one we went to the Island Krk, some sprint intervals with massstart. After a totally bad start (I just followed one guy and had no idea where I was supposed to go, because I was already looking at the third start and didn't know that there was more than one start on the map), I really got into the race and managed to run fullspeed through the narrow streets.
The second sprint on the last Saturday morning was in Cres (where we lived) and we started in the early morning due our early departure time. Nevertheless it was just great to also experience the empty streets without tourists and only the fishermen selling their fish ;)

After the sprint training in Krk

Totally motivated for great orienteering trainings :)
It's sooooo nice in Croatia :)
Back home I could only rest for a few days before I had to run the performance test (treadmill) in Haus des Sports in Ittigen. Very nice to see that I really improved my running speed both flat and uphill a lot since last spring :)
Still exhausted, I had to run a 2000m on track, to swim 100m freestyle, to complete two show-jumping courses as fast as possible and to write a cognitive test for the aptitude test for my sports studies the next day. Luckily it didn't turn out so badly and I hope that I will get a place to start my sports studies next autumn :)

Scool Cup in Biel

As every member of the national team has to show up at one Scool-Cup in Switzerland (cantonal school orienteering championship) to sign autographs and explain orienteering to the kids, I went to Berner Scool Cup which was just two kilometers away from my home. It was a nice day where I learned how to explain orienteering in French ;), got the chance to win the sprint relay demonstration with Silvan Ullmann in front of Siri Nyfeler and Fabian and got to know some important people of Biel who are doing a lot for sports at school but also sports in general ;)
Victoryyyyy ;) Foto: Charlotte Spiess
Selection races in France

One day and some short recovery later, I was ready for the two selection races Long and Middle in Jura. Even though it started raining like hell just one hour before my starting time, I was still motivated to go out of the tent and complete that race. After nearly 30min of warm-up I was totally ready and couldn't wait to run in that beautiful terrain. But due to one control which was suddenly missing, many runners returned to the start and later the race was postponed to half an hour later. When I finally was allowed to start I was cold again and my mind was somewhere else as we were joking and laughing for the whole 30min... It just didn't feel like a selection race at all ;) It was a strange feeling throughout the whole race, I never really had a plan where to go and what to do. Surprisingly that resulted in only one bigger mistake to control 4... A lot to improve for Middle on Sunday!

And the middle distance race was the one which I had already been waiting for and looking forward to for weeks! I really love the difficult terrain there and enjoy every minute of orienteeering to the fullest! That was also why I was definitely over-motivated at the start and spent way too much time on the warm-up map (even though it was completely different terrain to the one where the race was) ;) 
After a good start, I passed control 3 by about 10 meters and that resulted into the first but only bigger mistake of the race. After that, I realized that I had to take the time I need to read the map carefully. I managed to orienteer nearly perfectly for the rest of the course and gained more and more selfconfidence towards the end. It's just a great feeling when the control is always there were you want it to be ;)

So after a inofficial 1st place in "fail-long distance" which won't count for the selections (at least I think so as the conditions definitely weren't fair at all) and a 1st place in Middle distance, I am more than happy with those first two selection races. Now the preparations for the sprint race next Sunday in Horgen are in full operation ;)