2020 is all about challenges...

Things went quite well the last weeks, my achilles problems vanished and can fully enjoy running again. The training camp in Portugal was a nice start into the new orienteering season. But well, somehow 2020 just doesn’t want me to be able to train without any restrictions. While we were in  Portugal with the national team, the Corona Virus reached Switzerland and the situation got a lot worse quite quickly. When we were still able to join the trainings of the national training center last week, all official trainings are forbidden since this morning, swimming halls and gyms are closed. That also means, that all the good sprint trainings this week including a K.O.-Sprint are cancelled and we have to continue training individually (not my favourite thing, I have to admit).

But let’s focus on the good things as for example the training camp in Portugal two weeks ago. It was nice to have some fast orienteering trainings in company again and also the terrain (especially the rocky terrain around Viseu) had its qualities! A lot of kilometers in cities, little villages, fast coast terrain and in the “rocky mountains”. I could improve my sprint technique and freshen the forest orienteering skills.20200223_181840jpg


And now the sprint “training camp” is cancelled, universities are closed, I can’t leave the country anymore, so no camp in Gothenburg and Denmark in April and no competitions. But we all have to fight against the virus, and I guess if we stick to the rules of the government, we can get the situation under control and still hope for the second part of the orienteering season. At the moment I’m getting a tan on the balcony while waiting for the second training today. Training camp mode goes on and at least the long-wished spring finally arrived! Stay healthy everyone!