2018 has started...

Long-time no see… But there was such a lot happening that I just didn't have time to write something about the end of the season. Anyway, the exams are over now and I am part of social life again!

Sooooo, let's begin with the last competition in 2017. Grand Slam Final was actually my last big goal of 2017. But on that day just everything went wrong. Given the fact that it was raining, I was even more motivated to compete in the mud. The more motivated I was, the harder it was to accept that my stomach just didn't want to run. I have no idea what was happening to me at that time, but due to that stomach ache I wasn't able to run fast or sometimes couldn't run at all. It's a bit sad that I couldn't enjoy the race at all because it was such a nice course with a nice sprint part with a nice kind of a maze in the end. Anyways, the dinner afterwards was great, and I was more and more recovering.

A couple of weeks later, we had the first national team meeting with the new team in Ticino. That weekend was definitely well-spent with a tough long run with the boys on Sunday (over 1000m climb and 17km).


IMG-20171126-WA0029jpgAs always, I participated in Trotteuse Tissot in La Chaux-de-Fonds in the beginning of December, which is still my number one running competition. With all the Christmas lights, music and this year even snowy and slippery streets the winter feelings come up. I wasn't in my best shape ever but nevertheless managed to win the race again. A nice feedback, that I'm on the right way!


After Christmas and over New Year, I spent some time in the mountains with my family and god father. A lot of Cross-Country Skiing and deep snow running! And alongside learning for my exams. So the day was basically spent like this: Sleep-run-eat-learn-ski-eat-ski-learn-eat-(ski)-sleep… And on my brother's birthday even the sun was shining and so we spent the whole day skiing until midnight, which got us 70km in total on just one day!



Maybe I've got too strong in my arms...

IMG-20180103-WA0003jpgBut when fun is over real life starts again and my two weeks of exams were waiting. I wasn't used to learning for exams at all after 1.5years without any exams. But somehow I managed to learn almost everything I had to and train hard for the practical exams (swimming, gymnastics, fitness and games).

Now, the one-month holidays are waiting and I'm looking forward to spending some sunny training-days in Ticino!